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Welcome to my Life!!

Welcome to my Life!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Step Closer

In order to fulfill success, is to understand the meaning of life. Every inch of efforts, sacrifices, it takes a tons of hardship, sack of motivation, gallon of sweat and box of determination. It may not easy at it looks just pushing hard to the limit to move forward. At first it’s just in the mind, but what I believe in is what’s in my heart. I may move forward, one step at time, looking back of what I have been through. Learn from it, choosing what direction to move on. Every now and then, I keep asking, complaining and murmuring, what may lie ahead?

I even not sure if it is the right steps to move on, once lost, keep moving on till I find my path. As I move along, I met other people, they may be consequences but they are always part of my life. I may hurt them and they even tear me apart, but realizing they just come and go. Leaving me alone stepping forward for another path, is still my choice. 
Sometimes as I want to get it easier I took shortcut. Not even realizing I need to sacrifice more, as to a point I almost give up. I pause for awhile, look back of what behind me and where I am standing now. Is it time to give up? I look ahead, look up, look down, I am tired,.. But my feet want took me along to move forward, my mind kept dictating me of why stopping now, my heart is weak but says go.

I took another step and step and step till keep walking all along. I feel light, I feel great, I just fell down but still moving on and on. I felt presence within me to move along. I see other people walking along with me and they just stop by and say hello to me. Others shared their life with me as they walk with me. I feel not alone, I met others in the halfway, different type of people who’s walking with me. I may not know them but they knew me. I smile on them, I feel loved with their presence. Not realizing, I am walking to fast on my steps.

This is the path that I choose. I feel great that I may meet people along. Even they’re not stay with me for long, I can feel their presence, of what smiles they left with me. This is life! I may not know how much closer I am for what I want to be in my life. But for me, everyday is one step closer of what I needed too. I feel Him within me, with other people. I had fear, weak and heartache.. But with their smile I am completed to understand what life within me.

How should I stop, when I am one step closer for what I may have to? 

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