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Welcome to my Life!!

Welcome to my Life!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Step Closer

In order to fulfill success, is to understand the meaning of life. Every inch of efforts, sacrifices, it takes a tons of hardship, sack of motivation, gallon of sweat and box of determination. It may not easy at it looks just pushing hard to the limit to move forward. At first it’s just in the mind, but what I believe in is what’s in my heart. I may move forward, one step at time, looking back of what I have been through. Learn from it, choosing what direction to move on. Every now and then, I keep asking, complaining and murmuring, what may lie ahead?

I even not sure if it is the right steps to move on, once lost, keep moving on till I find my path. As I move along, I met other people, they may be consequences but they are always part of my life. I may hurt them and they even tear me apart, but realizing they just come and go. Leaving me alone stepping forward for another path, is still my choice. 
Sometimes as I want to get it easier I took shortcut. Not even realizing I need to sacrifice more, as to a point I almost give up. I pause for awhile, look back of what behind me and where I am standing now. Is it time to give up? I look ahead, look up, look down, I am tired,.. But my feet want took me along to move forward, my mind kept dictating me of why stopping now, my heart is weak but says go.

I took another step and step and step till keep walking all along. I feel light, I feel great, I just fell down but still moving on and on. I felt presence within me to move along. I see other people walking along with me and they just stop by and say hello to me. Others shared their life with me as they walk with me. I feel not alone, I met others in the halfway, different type of people who’s walking with me. I may not know them but they knew me. I smile on them, I feel loved with their presence. Not realizing, I am walking to fast on my steps.

This is the path that I choose. I feel great that I may meet people along. Even they’re not stay with me for long, I can feel their presence, of what smiles they left with me. This is life! I may not know how much closer I am for what I want to be in my life. But for me, everyday is one step closer of what I needed too. I feel Him within me, with other people. I had fear, weak and heartache.. But with their smile I am completed to understand what life within me.

How should I stop, when I am one step closer for what I may have to? 

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Matter of Choice

We are always been caught up in the middle of choosing between both ways we partake. In every decision, it may end up regret or luckily success. With the road that we’re taking, it’s been hard because we may weighing a big risk.  But this risk are consequences that we may take in. They say, the bravest person is facing their fear, weaknesses and deepest emotions. 

Fear by Webster, a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain. Fear lives within amongst us, when we always surround with evil and temptation around us. Our world that we exist is a playful environment. With every smiles, cries, angers... fear revolve in our hearts. To face fear, is always facing with life.
Weakness,  an inadequate or defective quality, as in a person’s character. Each in everyone of us, it became the shadows of our life. Indeed it became the basis of what we always craving for in life. We hide ourselves because we don’t want that weakness overshadow our life. Or it will end us Loser.
Deepest emotions, can’t define by dictionary, it may but not really the fact or exact definition for me. Where both Fear and Weakness, they can be put them together in our deepest emotions. Of what we may deal with them is what will be the result of our Emotions.
These three spice is always present when it’s  time for us to discover ourselves in what choice we may have. In every decision, we look back and forward of what steps we will taking into. Fear of what lies ahead, Weakness that in every steps we may fall, and in every fall our Emotions leave deepest hurt into. But, what will it takes to another side? 

Courage, bravery to look forward. Steps, move ahead, head up, step forward. This is my life... This is my road I choose. This is the decision I make, I may fall again, but I will try and do it again. I may had fear, I may had weakness, I may have the deepest low Emotions, but I will stand up again. So once I look back, I just smiled and say, “It’s a matter of Choice!”. I will never regret it, because every time I fall, I was able to stand up.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guidance from the Angels

I was born on the Feast day of God’s three great Archangels: St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and St. Michael on 29th of September in Catholic Calendar. They are my great protector, light bearer and messenger in my faith to my religion. I believe in angels, same as the belief to God. I view them to be my friends and I knew they’ve always with me all the time. I don’t need a miracle for me to believe, but I had faith with them in my heart. But who really they are, as God’s assistance?

St. Gabriel, known to be the messenger, as from the gospel who bring message to Mary to bear a son, the Savior, a great courage to bring God’s message as to fulfill the destiny . St. Raphael, who brings the light, to enlighten us our way. St. Michael, the great warrior, defeated the evil.

This angel represents the great servants of God. Though they may possess a great power of immortality, but it always reminds me that even we are human, we can be angels by our heart. Be a great assistant and servant of God. We can be a great messenger, to bring God’s message to others, specially those who are in trouble, be a light bearer, to those in great pain, and be a warrior to overcome with courage our problems and trials. We can ask them for their guidance in every thing that we do, because it always remind us that their exemplary ways shows great love to God above.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sleepless Night

I came to a place where it goes deep down to my thought. A lot of things appeared, reminding me of what a person i am. Then i end up of being a loser. What is really going on with my life now? Do i should be happy of what i have been recieving now? I know that lots of people are having worst situation than i am now, but why still am not contented? Im still searching for really something missing to spice up my life. I have my family (whom i lived with my mom, 2 brothers and sister with her son), my job (always stuck up on paper works like computation for grades, passing for reports, preparing for another lessons), (a little bit flu) for my health, nice things like my laptop, (well im happy that only few months i can get over with my debts), a little bit conscious of my skinny figure, things to do the following days, oohh... so lots of them that still stuck on my head..  Can there be some miracle that i'll be at peace in my mind, my heart, even to the deepest of my soul? Well, what an earthly thing!? It just happen cause im really a person... But when will i able to feel this extra peace just even for a few hours... Or it could be true from a priest's homily, it is human who makes miracle.. Or really a miracle exist?
Until something come up, hey, why i couldn't get sleep? i just rolled out on my bed, cover the pillow over my head and try to get sleep.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Precious Stone!

My nephew is the only baby kid in our family.. He's my sister's only son. When i found out that my sister is going to have a baby, a little bit excitement and confused.. My sister is the third sibling in our family, and i thought it was too young for her having a family of her own. But i there's nothing we can do but to support her as family,
She gave birth to my nephew, whom we considered the greatest blessings for us. We took care of him, welcome him and loved him dearly as new member of our family. A great joy, inspiration to us, that our family get more closer. We've never felt much happy when he arrive in our lives. He changed us in everything.. It's a great feeling when you got home, from work tired and exhausted, and this little guy, welcomes you and asking for some "pasalubong"..
As he grew older, the excitement, grew stronger, when he was able to talk with us, listen to us, but most of the time his kiddy moves that makes us laugh all the time. As the spark of gladness, simple innocence in his eyes, reminds me, how dearly we are that we have him.
This coming February 11, was his 4th birthday, another phase of another adventure for him to a new world, but he wasn't scared coz we are here, his family who truly loved, cared for him so much..
Ray Jasper, a truly shining precious stone for our family, we will be always here to be your protector, provider, guider, defender and forever love for you..

Me, as a Teacher..

Being a Teacher is a noble profession, as they say... devotion, commitment, passion in teaching is only an ingredient to become successful, in my almost three years of profession from this, i learned a lot, not only the field on what i teach, but in real life of what my students become. Some of them are in better place by now, others are like the wanderers of life. Everywhere i am i can see them, some of them are mostly hard for me to recognize, differ from what i've known before, but i just smiled and say, "I've become part of your life once"... No wonder my teacher before whom my co-teacher now, become proud of what i became now.. I do really look them up when i was their student once, till now.. Being their exemplary was indeed a great amazing. And now, im with them, one of them, the norturer of young's mind, defender of one's heart, protector of innocence.. Yes, i became once part of them, i don't know do they think of me of same thing. But no matter what, they may able to forget my name, of who i am, of what i am,,, I always knew, i am once, became a part of their life..

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Success begins with a Single step..

This is just the beginning of exploring in the Information Technology world, by using blogs... expressing all the thoughts, ideas, knowledge in here..